So many projects so little time..

Brain Dump for this month:

  • VHSC– Container was delivered and is now in it’s more permanent resting spot. First project to get it up and running is a roll up door. Amazingly not too easy to find/get a price for unless you are in the construction business. Found the right one and purchased it this week. I hope to get it installed this weekend. As soon as that happens I’ll start working out of there through the rest of construction (insulation, skylights, exterior paint, furniture build out, etc). I outrageously under estimated the cost of the project so the build out will be baby steps, similar to the Solana Beach build 5 years ago. Wow, 5 years ago…
  • For those who purchased from the “Wild vs Mild” kit collection those kits look to be arriving in the first couple weeks of October. That was the Razzle Dazzle it & the Team Grey kit.
  • I’m running an End of Summer sale on my online store. All products are 20% until next week. All orders that I have received so far have been shipped as of 9/13. Still have lots of sizes in the Navy Stripe T, Viva T and a good amount of Country Trucker hats. Discount code is: Summer2016. (
  • I’m working on a new kit currently with Squadra. My buddy Zach C over there (he’s been key in helping me create a lot of my past designs, really good artist) is helping me with this latest creation. It’s more on the wild side but, I’m a firm believer that kits need to be fun, bright, eye catching.. The basic design was originally designed by my friend Travis Sevilla (Instagram: @travkat75). We are tweaking it just a bit, adding a VH logo and working on the bibs. With this kit I’ll be handling the preorder myself and selling them through my site. I want to have a bit more control of the orders & pricing.
  • I want to have a VH cruise when the container gets a little further along. Maybe start and finish at VHSC with beverages and snacks. Details in the near future…
  • Socks: Navy Logo
  • T-shirt: Brad Huff’s “Knuckles”
  • Song: Stoney Larue “Velvet”
  • Weather: 70’s and grey
  • Coffee: Steady State

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