Kitty Kamo!!!!

I’ll never forget walking into the Design Department at Squadra/Zoot and telling my good friend Zach that “It was time to unleash the kitties”.. It’s a pattern Ive been wanting to do for over 3 years. At first it was to poke fun of my friend Katie. A customer came into the Solana Beach store and called her “Kitty”. Out of the blue, they didn’t know each other, it was so random. He said he assumed that was her nickname since his other friend Katie preferred kitty. Ha! It stuck.

I then enlisted my friend Travis Sevilla (very talented artist and art professor) to do some mock ups for me. After a couple renderings we settled on this pattern. Zach massaged the pattern to include a couple more shapes like one licking itself (yes that is on there).. This kit has all my standard colors Orange, Light Blue, Gray & Navy. It follows the other kits in my lineup so mixing and matching is suggested. The bibs feature the Kamo pattern on the bands plus “Meow” on the bumper. This jersey would look great with all my other kits as well though. 

I’m offering this Limited Edition kit in Men’s & Women’s Premier Cut from Squadra. Its not the super tight racer fit. Its the standard fit with upgrades… I’m also offering unisex arm warmers to match!

You can preorder the kit at

These kits will only be available for preorder. Limited to 30 kits! The online ordering will be open for only 3 weeks!!


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