VH Challenge Coin Rules

*** Update***

Beware of the Master Coin….

Super limited release.. The coin to win all coin challenges… The Elder Coin if you will..

The rules remain however the Trump Coin cannot be beat. For example;

~If a Trump challenges an “orange” and the Orange coin is not present then the Orange owes the Trump 2 beverages. If the Orange is present then the Orange owes 1 beverage.
~If an Orange challenges a Trump and the Trump has the coin then the Orange owes 2 beverages however if the Orange knows for a fact the coin owner has a Trump and the coin is not present then the Trump owes 2 beverages.
~If a Trump challenges a Trump and both coins are present they are even, no beverage is owed.

Orange coin to Orange coin rules remain the same.

Bigger picture… Always have your coin! Failure to buy a round is a despicable crime and will require that you turn in your coin to Gordon at Velo Hangar.
When-Where… Coin checks are permitted ANY TIME, ANY PLACE. EXCEPTIONS: There are no exceptions to the rules.. They apply to those clothed or not clothed. At the time of the challenge you are permitted 60 seconds to locate your coin, the challenger has to see the coin in 60 seconds.

Beware of the Black Coins….

Rule #1: If you have a VH coin & you challenge another VH coin holder they have 1 minute to produce their VH coin, if they do you owe them a beverage.

Rule #2: If you have a VH coin & you challenge another VH coin holder they have 1 minute to produce their VH coin,if they don’t have it then they owe you a beverage!

Rule #3: You have 1 minute to find and show your VH coin.

Rule #4: Multiples apply. If you challenge 3 people and 2 have their coin and the 3rd does not. The person that doesn’t have their VH coin buys a beverage for all the  challenged VH coin holders.

Rule #5: If you have an Instagram account, please post your challenge story and add this hashtag, #vhchallenge. it would be nice to document the game status.

Rule #6: The coin should be controlled at all times. Giving a coin to just anyone is like opening a fraternity to just anyone. It is an honor to be given a coin, let’s keep it that way. A given or awarded coin is of more personal value than a purchased coin.

Rule #7: No holes may be drilled in the coin.

Rule #8: Under no circumstances can a coin be handed to another in response to a challenge. If a person gives their coin to another, that person can now keep the coin — it’s theirs!!! However, if a person places the coin down and another person picks it up to examine it, that is not considered giving and the examiner is honor-bound to place the coin back where they got it. The examiner can’t challenge while they hold another’s coin.

Rule #9: Failure to buy a round of drinks is a despicable crime and will require that you turn-in your VH Coin to Gordon.

Rule #10: Lost or stolen coins If you are a VH Coin holder & lose your coin another can be purchased (until supplies run out..) for $15 at Velo Hangar. DOES NOT APPLY TO TRUMP COINS. ONLY 50 produced.

Rules are subject to change and be added to. All VH coin requests (this means you Kerri) shall be voted/vetoed by VH Coin founders club. If you are on the list you will be given the choice whether to take the “challenge” or not. If you choose to decline a “man card” will be subtracted from your account.

Happy hunting!!!

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