Service Menu

Velo Hangar Service Menu:

Orange: $100*

The lightest tune we offer. Light in price but, that’s about it. We adjust the gears & brakes, true both wheels, lube the chain & derailleurs plus a quick wipe down of the frame & wheels. We also check the torque of the stem bolts & seatpost bolts.

Light Blue: $185* (the most popular)

Our best selling tune. We do everything Orange offers plus we clean the chain, cassette & chainrings in our Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner*** . A more detailed wipe down of the frame & wheels is also included. If you want your bike to look fresh again, this is the tune for you!

Gray: $300*

The Blue tune is an Orange & Light Blue rolled up into one cardboard container. Plus we overhaul your hubs, headset & Bottom Bracket. A much more detailed wipedown of the frame and wheels as well. If your bike has been used and abused, this will make it look somewhat new again.

The Hangar: $325 ($350-$450 frame swap)

The Hangar is our Pro build. New frame on the way? New bike ordered & you need it built? The Hangar is it. We prep the frames including facing & chasing threads, lubricate all the bearings with the appropriate grease & install all parts to the correct torque. This is our specialty.

Digital Hangar: $375

Very similar to “The Hangar” but for electronic shift bikes (ie Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS, SRAM eTap). Internally routed cables, charging of power units and software upgrades take a little more time than the standard build. 

Ala Carte**:

Shimano Di2 software upgrades: $35

Brake & Derailleur adjustments: $20 each

Front hub overhaul (including new lube): $40

Rear hub overhaul (including new lube): $55

Bottom Bracket overhaul (with crank removal/ new grease included): $40

Headset overhaul (New grease included): $30

Disc brake bleed (includes hydraulic fluid): $40 each wheel

Minor wheel true: $20

Chain install (chain not included): $20

Tape/Grips installed: $15

Suspension fork overhaul (Fluid included, seals & wipers extra): $125

**Pickup & Delivery (minimum visit is $40

(**Prices are subject to change… Discounts will be applied if parts are purchased thru Velo Hangar**)

*** We use a state of the art 800w Ultrasonic Parts Washer filled with bio detergent.

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