Ahhh breath of fresh air…

With BWR safely in the rear view mirror, mechanic’s county wide can relax, a bit. I can almost hear 700×28 tires being peeled off rims as we speak. Lots of 28mm tires, 11-32 cassettes, tubeless setups, slimed tubes… It wasn’t the normal repairs the last couple weeks, it was rushed basic tunes. I imagine when the riders start to refresh there will be loads of post BWR aftermath. Anyhoo.. I’m ready.

To keep up with my new year resolutions I plan to travel more this year. Not super long vacations but more weekend adventures. However there is a big vacation on the horizon.. I still need to hammer out some details (when, passport, etc) before I’ll announce it. Some of you already know and I’m excited to tell all of you but, it’s gotta wait.

We just closed the preorder on the VH/Castelli kit this week. I was very happy with the results, Thank you to all that ordered! In normal fashion I  have started on the next one. This one will be Squadra again. I hope the delivery issues will iron out soon. I fit Squadra more than Castelli. The Squadra designs are more subtle, my style.

New VH socks are on the way! A new spin on an old sock & a completely new design on the way in a few weeks, keep your eyes peeled. They will be available on the velohangar.bigcartel.com site as soon as they arrive !

Sounds: Reckless Kelly “Twisted Road”

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