Update 11|21|16

Lots to share. Im very happy I decided to move in and start working in the container before a “real opening”. It allowed me to see what would truthfully fit in the space, what furniture I actually needed & where everything would go. I’ve got it pretty dialed now. I dont think it will ever be 100% done but Im very close to having a grand opening party!

Wanted to share some product that I have brought in for sale, what I’ve been carrying and what is in the future..

New Brands:

Vittoria Tires– I’m now carrying Corsa G+ in 700×25, Rubino Pro G+ in 700×25 & 700×28, Rubino Control G+ in 700×28, Corsa G+ tubulars in 700×23 & 700×25.

Feedback Sports– I’m carrying a couple Velo Column’s (bicycle storage). I carried these in the Solana Beach location and decided to bring them back. I also needed one for the shop to store framesets & wheels…

Andrews Design Works– I’ve been a huge fan of King cages for like forever.. I’m now carrying the King Titanium cages, Stainless cages and their Ti-rons tire levers.

Returning Brands:

ENVE– I’ve been a fan of EDGE/ENVE since their creation. I’ve been a dealer for 5ish years. I will always try to carry their products. It’s a brand I believe in and stand behind 100%. I have a few stems, seatposts and bars in stock as well as a road fork & a couple cages.

WD40 Bike– Need I say more? Some of the best cleaning, lubing and protection in the business. It’s not the only lube I use but its a great all rounder.

Lezyne– I am carrying C02, C02 inflators, blinky lights and misc other accoutrement 

Stan’s– Best Sealant ever. 

Maxxis– I love the Ardent/Ikon combo but I’ll also have other randoms mixed in.

WTB– I’ve been running these tires on my Yeti for a couple months now and I’ve been very happy with them. I also installed these on the SyCip Titanium Project bike.

Mad Alchemy– Pete Smith, great guy. MA chamois cream & embro? Even better. I stock pushups of the medium embro and 3 chamois creams (Euro Pro, Pro+ and Pure)

Skratch Labs– Allen Lim is a hero. Ive been using these guys product since the “Secret Drink Mix” days. I stock individual sticks, pouches and drops.

Untapped– Maple Syrup. I shouldn’t have to say anything else.

Velo Hangar Branded Merch:

T-shirts, Camelbak water bottles, pint glasses, trucker hats, Rothera cycling caps, SockGuy socks, a few Squadra & Castelli kit… I also have gift cards available in any amount!

Product on the way…

New hoodies, stealth t-shirts & hopefully White Industries (Ive been super happy with their product line and I hope to have an account with them soon!)

I normally don’t try to push product down your throats.. Just trying to showcase some of my vendors that have helped VH be what it is today. 

See you Soon!


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