November. Seriously? Hurry up and wait is no longer an issue..

So I’ve been working out of the new space for a couple weeks now. I wanted to get into the space to get a feel of it. I had sketches on paper of what I wanted but until I was able to actually get in there and move around they were just ideas. I’ve realized im lacking storage.. So what was originally a nice slab of wood with hairpin legs is now a 5″ cabinet on casters with a butcher block top. Plenty of storage in the back with a bar top. It works perfectly.Now im contemplating bringing up my rolling tool chest for below the workbench. I need drawers and storage for chemicals/lubes/sealant. They take up a lot of space so I need to get them off the counter. Anyway, slowly but surely the space is coming together. Stop by next time you are riding the coast through Carlsbad! Im in the backlot behind EvrBottle and Steady State Roasting.


  • I’ve ordered new hoodies! My screen printer is backed up a bit right now (its a good thing and bad thing that all of us small business owners encounter) but, I’m happy to wait. I believe he’s the best around and I’m proud to be his client.
  • I’ve also ordered more t-shirts. I went with the classic “Stealth” t. I haven’t run that one in quite awhile. It was my first design 6 years ago and its a great time to bring it back! These will be the softer blank that ive used in the past, since there’s been a demand women’s t’s will be v neck.
  • I have new 24oz Camelbak water bottles on the way soon. Said to ship by the end of next week. Just in time for the Holidays.
  • As far as holidays go I have gift cards available now!
  • I’ve been restocked on trucker hats so if you missed out on the first run more are in stock today.
  • Kitty Kamo was a very good success. A few hiccups with the process but I think we’ve ironed those out. I’ll be running the preorders from my own website from now on. Thanks to everyone who jumped onto that order. We sold all 30 kits!!
  • I have a couple ultra nice builds coming up in the next few weeks. Ill be building a Pegoretti Love #3 (possibly one of the last Aluminum Peg’s produced) & a custom Titanium SyCip (which may have been previously owned by yours truly). I was commissioned to outfit the bike. All parts hand picked, Love these types of builds. Hoping to have 1 or both filmed (live and stills).


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