Change might not be comfortable but it is inevitable…

The world is changing. Our lives are changing. Technology is changing. It’s unavoidable. For example when Uber arrived on the scene, nobody thought, other than Uber that is, that they would change how we use certain public transportation. It has its hiccups but, people are straight scared, angry and refusing to understand change. Taxi drivers are worried about their income, cities are scared to lose taxes… Embrace it. Technology is not going anywhere!

The bicycle industry is changing too. We’ve seen it with online retailers in Europe selling parts and bikes for less than wholesale, Amazon selling products that we thought were only available for sale through qualified retailers… Let’s face it. The end user is looking for ways to buy the latest gadgets and I for one don’t want to stack them only to lose a sale beach use on the Internet. Sure, there is some product I’ll stock like chains, cassettes, cables.. Consumables but the majority of the other stuff is a loss. I can’t compete with the web so I’m not trying. Where I can compete is the service. The installations. The experience. A change is coming…

A lot of people are asking about VH 3.0 aka Velo Hangar SC. It’s a change from the norm. It’s a social spot. A place to hang out before, during or after a ride. It’s a place to enjoy a coffee, conversation, a place to network. A clubhouse of sorts. VH 2.0 was a lot “bike shop” but more social. The one thing people always remember about that shop was “hanging out”. So why can’t we create a place like that? Well, I will be. Coming soon to Carlsbad Village this fall.

-Want to learn more about my ideas of the bike industry? Give a listen to my Podcast Episode I recorded with Brian Co of

-Want to help build Velo Hangar SC? We are taking monetary donations at VHSC GoFundMe to help with construction and furnishings.

-Velo Hangar Merchandise is available at our Velo Hangar Online Store.

One thought on “Change might not be comfortable but it is inevitable…

  1. And this change is being forced down the throat of those who have been unable or unwilling to change with the times. With the announcement from Canyon that they will be launching Spring 2017, I feel that a lot of shops will need to start evaluating where they stand when it comes to profit margins on the hard goods that the brick and mortar shops typically keep on hand (as inevitably the US brands will need to evolve to direct-sales to compete). I’m glad you’re going with the changes and really focusing on the product that these web-stores and direct-sales can’t provide: service. Personal, dedicated, knowledgable, and friendly service. Definitely looking forward to the next rendition of your place.

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